•   You are in for a fresh new experience, every time you walk into the store!

•   Choose from over 70,000 items in endless categories.

•   700 new products every month.

Every Daiso store provides a unique ‘surprising & delightful’ shopping experience, filled with innovation and excitement through a huge range of products at unbeatable prices.

‘You name it, we have it!’ is no over-statement. Whatever you think you need for your home and life can be found here. From homeware to gardens, from Do-It-Yourself to storage solutions, from toys to make-up accessories, all household needs are covered. Seasonal items are always available at key times, as well as partyware, decorations and gift-wrapping. One must see it to believe it.

The international brand is now well-established within the Middle East retail scene, under a joint venture operated by Lals Group. The popular brand continues to innovate and provide an inspirational, unique shopping experience to all visitors. Key to its global appeal, and undoubtedly its success, is the absolute focus on Quality, Variety and Uniqueness, whilst helping customers consistently find “surprises and fun” on every visit.

It’s amazing that there are over 70,000 lifestyle, novelty and gift products available at any one time, with hundreds of new products introduced to customers every month, most of which are at an irresistible AED7 price (or equivalent).

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel.: +971 43351532
Fax.: +971 43353542
Email.: info@daisome.com