About Us

It has been a privilege to be involved in the fast developing retail scenario of the region in the last few decades. It has been exciting to see the Group grow and strengthen its presence across the region.

In all our ventures, we have focused on achieving customer delight – which is why the retail experiences of Lals Group spell style, comfort, utility and value at the same time. The success of the Group has depended as much on our enthusiastic and enterprising sales and support team as on the choice of products and brands that have been welcomed by our customers wholeheartedly. Some of these brands were already established international names which we have partnered with to provide them a strong foothold in the region while many of them are brands we have sown and grown in this fertile marketplace.

In order to keep the experience novel and fresh, we have routinely widened our retail portfolio, while plans are afoot for further investments in unique fashion offerings. Recent strategic initiatives of the Group have gone beyond the fortification of our retail expertise. We have already made significant progress in the FMCG distribution segment with a variety of products including food and beverages, innerwear and novelties. We have also made a recent foray into the fitness and recreation arena with our Gymnasiums and Bowling Center. The strong retail network and in-house logistics have favourably led us to positioning the Group as a name to rely on in strategically efficient distribution for the retail market in the region.

I am thankful to every customer who has placed their trust in the Lals Group and commit myself and my team to the joyful responsibility of living up to it, in every step.

Jayant Ganwani
CEO, Lals Group